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Renaissance Zone

The Renaissance Zone Program is a locally driven program for cities across North Dakota for redevelopment and economic investment that incorporates tax incentives to business and residential properties.  The Renaissance Zone program is set up to revitalize communities in North Dakota and encourage development and growth for businesses and homes.  It is a tool to help communities revitalize their towns.  

Businesses and individuals may qualify for one or more tax incentives for purchasing, leasing, and/or making improvements to real property located in a zones.  A Renaissance Zone is a designated area within a city that is approved by the Department of Commerce and offers both state and local tax incentives for 5 years.  The tax incentives consist of state income tax exemptions and credits, and local property tax exemptions. Click on the expanding menu below for details. 

The Lidgerwood City Council reserves the right to reject any application if the benefit to the  public is minimal or non‐existent, particularly as it relates to the size of the incentive that would be offered.

Contact the City of Lidgerwood to review the full City of Lidgerwood Development Plan.

Cheryl Grenz, City Auditor is in charge of the program. 701-538-4135

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