List of Local Businesses

Listing local businesses on our Website is done as a courtesy to the business owners and for the convenience of our citizens.  We do not advertise any business on this Website.

 A through F

Name: Aligned Health Chiropractic and Wellness
Business Type: Chiropractic and Massage
Address: 22 Wiley Ave S
Phone: 701-538-4114
Web Address: Aligned Health Chiropractic and Wellness

Name: American Legion Ward E Bullis Post #84
Business Type:
Address: 23 Wiley Ave N
Wed Address:

Name: Ashlie's Massage or Knot
Business Type: Massage Therapy
Address: 123 3rd St SW
Phone: 701-730-6735
Web Address:

Name: BMO (Bank of the West)
Business Type: Bank
Address: 50 Wiley Ave N
Phone: 701-538-4545
Web Address: Bank of the West 

Name: Bud's Used Machinery
Business Type: Sales and Repairs
Address: 624 Park St E
Phone: 701-538-4568
Web Address:

Name: Circle T Lodge
Business Type: Motel
Address: 330 Wiley Ave S
Phone: 701-538-7373
Web Address: 

Name: Coteau des Prairies Lodge LLC
Business Type: Hotel
Address:9953 141st Ave SE, Havana, ND 58043
Phone: 701-680-1175
Web Address:

Name: County Line Foods
Business Type: Grocery
Address: 26 1st St SW
Phone: 701-538-9837
Web Address:

Name: CHS Dakota Plains Ag
Business Type:
Address: 15605 Hwy 11
Phone: 701-538-7497
Web Address:

Name: Dakota Estates Retirement Center
Business Type: Retirement Home
Address: 440 Wiley Ave S
Phone: 701-538-4566
Web Address:

Name: CHS Dakota Plains Ag Coop (Cenex)
Business Type: Gas Station, Food, Propane Sales and Delivery, Auto Repair
Address: 154 Wiley Ave N
Phone: 701-538-4585
Web Address:

Name: Dakota Water Solutions
Business Type: Water Sales, Sale and Repair of Water Softeners
Address: 102 1st Ave SW
Phone: 701-538-4104
Web Address: Dakota Water Solutions

Name: Deb's Seed Sales
Business Type: Seed Sales
Address: 8985 Hwy 18
Phone: 701-538-4899
Web Address:

Name: Ever-Flo Manufacturing Co
Business Type:
Address: 134 Wiley Ave N
Phone: 701-538-4161
Web Address:

Name: Farmer's Coop Elevator Co
Business Type: Elevator
Address: 220 2nd St NE
Phone: 701-538-4551
Web Address: Farmers Coop Elevator

Name: Forster Oil Co
Business Type: Auto Repairs
Address: 9315 Co Rd 19
Phone: 701-538-4901
Web Address:

Name: Frank Funeral Home
Business Type: Funeral Home
Address: 10 2nd Ave SE
Phone: 701-538-4500
Web Address: Frank Family Funeral Home

Name: Frolek Custom Center
Business Type: Auto Repair and Sales
Address: 9295 156th Ave SE
Phone: 701-538-4076
Web Address:

 G through L

Name: HUB International
Business Type: Insurance
Address: 50 Wiley Ave N
Phone: 701-538-4548
Web Address:

Name: Illies Welding Shop
Business Type: Welding and Repairs
Address: 25 1st ST SW
Phone: 701-538-4651
Web Address:

Name: Joe's Ag Supply

Business Type: Agricultural Retail
Address: 15470 Hwy 11
Phone: 701-538-4147
Web Address:

Name: Julie's Pharmacy & Home Decor
Business Type: Pharmacy & Decor Sales
Address: 47 Wiley Ave S
Phone: 701-538-4616
Web Address:

Name: Kluge Enterprises Ltd
Business Type: Used Car Sales and Repairs
Address: 119 Wiley Ave N
Phone: 701-640-6402
Web Address:

Name: Knights of Columbus
Business Type: Charitable Organization / Hall Rental
Address: 56 Wiley Ave S
Phone: 701-538-4160
Web Address:

Name: Kraemer Repair
Business Type: Auto Repair
Address: 59 Wiley Ave N
Phone: 701-538-4649
Web Address:

Name: Lidgerwood Bar & Lounge
Business Type: On and Off Sale
Address: 124 Wiley Ave S
Phone: 701-538-4676
Web Address:

Name: Lidgerwood Childcare
Business Type: Daycare
Address: 11 4th Ave SE
Phone: 701-538-4565
Web Address:

Name: Lidgerwood Corner Bar
Business Type: On and Off Sale
Address: 12 Wiley Ave N
Phone: 701-538-4030
Web Address:

Name: Lidgerwood Golf Course
Business Type: Golf Course
Address: 633 1st ST SE
Phone: 701-538-4312
Web Address:

Name:  Lidgerwood Lanes
Business Type: Bowling Alley
Address: 116 Wiley Ave S
Phone: 701-538-4937
Web Address:

Name: Lidgerwood City Library
Business Type: Library
Address: 15 Wiley Ave N
Phone: 701-538-4669
Web Address:

Name: Lidgerwood Lumber JD
Business Type: Lumber Yard
Address: 153 Wiley ave S
Phone: 701-538-4541
Web Address:

Name: Lidgerwood Progressive Development Committee
Business Type:
Web Address:

Name: Lidgerwood Public School
Business Type: School
Address: 28 3rd Ave SE
Phone: 701-538-7341
Web Address: Lidgerwood Public School

Name: Lidgerwood Salon
Business Type: Salon
Address: 43 Wiley Ave S
Phone: 701-538-4484
Web Address:

Name: Lidgerwood Senior Citizens Center
Business Type: Community Group
Address: 117 4th ST SW
Phone: 701-538-4602
Web Address:

Name: Lidgerwood Swimming Pool
Business Type: Community Pool
Address: 631 Park St E
Phone: 701-538-7388
Web Address:

Name: Lincoln State Bank
Business Type: Bank
Address: 39 Wiley Ave N
Phone: 701-538-4116
Web Address: Lincoln State Bank

 M through R


Name: Ma's Shop
Business Type: Quilting Shop & Supplies
Address: 22 Wiley Ave S
Phone: 701-640-3247
Web Address:

Name: Manikowski Well Drilling
Business Type: Well Drilling
Address: Geneseo
Phone: 701-538-4356
Web Address:

Name: NAPA Auto Parts

Business Type: Auto Parts Store
Address: 214 Wiley Ave S
Phone: 701-538-4595
Web Address: NAPA Auto Parts

ND Department of Transportation
Business Type: State Agency
Address: 218 2nd St SW
Phone: 701-538-7702
Web Address: ND DOT

Name: OtterTail Power Co
Business Type: Electric Utility
Phone: 1-800-257-4044
Web Address: OTP

Park View Estates Apartments
Business Type: Apartment Rental
Address: 109 5th Ave SE
Phone: 701-538-4058
Web Address:

Name: The Pink House
Business Type: Antiques & Custom Jewelry
Address: 238 Wiley Ave S
Phone: 701-640-6993
Web Address:

Name: Polished Perfect
Business Type: Nail Salon
Address: 36 Wiley Ave N
Phone: 701-538-7859
Web Address:

Name: Popp Binding  & Laminating

Business Type: Binding and Laminating Equipment & Supplies  
Address: 57 Wiley Ave S
Phone: 1-800-437-4787
Web Address: Popp Binding & Laminating

Name: Red River Communications
Business Type: Telephone Utility
Address: Abercrombie
Phone: 1-866-553-8309
Web Address: Red River Telephone

Name: Royal Oak Apartments
Business Type: Apartment Rental
Address: 410 1st Ave SW
Phone: 1-701-866-4150
Web Address:

 S through Z


Name: Sanford Health Clinic
Business Type: Clinic
Address: 21 Wiley Ave S
Phone: 701-538-4189
Web Address: Sanford Health

Name: Sassy Cow LLC
Business Type: Resturant
Address: 43 Wiley Ave N
Phone: 701-538-9108
Web Address:

Name: Shear Delight Barber Shop
Business Type: Barber Stylist
Address: 22 Wiley Ave S
Phone: 701-640-5426
Web Address:

Name: Storbakken Sanitation Inc
Business Type: Waste Removal and Dumpster Rental
Address: 26 6th Ave SE
Phone: 701-538-7728
Web Address:

Name: Stroehl Construction
Business Type: Building Construction
Address: 101 4th Ave NE
Phone: 701-538-4089
Web Address:

Name: Titan Machinery

Business Type: Farm Equipment Sales and Repair
Address: 15450 Hwy 11
Phone: 701-538-4571 or 1-800-458-2493
Web Address: Titan Machinery


Name: US Post Office
Business Type: Government Agency
Address: 34 Wiley Ave S
Phone: 701-538-4151
Web Address: USPS

Name: Whittier Spear Fishing Decoys
Business: Spear Fishing Decoys
Phone: 701-538-4064
Web Address: Whittier Spear Fishing Decoys

Name: Wieber Drilling LLC
Business Type: Well Drilling and Maintenance
Address: 214 Wiley Ave S
Phone: 701-538-4161
Web Address:

Name: Wolfe Ford Inc
Business Type: New & Used Car Sales and Maintenance
Address: 15525 Hwy 11 S
Phone: 701-538-7337
Web Address: Wolfe Ford