Weekend of Activities!

This weekend, Lidgerwood is bustling with activities, making it the perfect time for both residents and visitors to explore and enjoy the vibrant local community. The festivities kick off with the City-Wide Rummage Sales. This annual event is a treasure hunter's paradise, where you can find everything from vintage collectibles to household goods, toys, and books at bargain prices. It's a wonderful opportunity to mingle with the locals, find some great deals, and perhaps even uncover a hidden gem or two.

After exploring the rummage sales, why not head over to the Lidgerwood Golf Course for lunch? The golf course offers a serene setting with beautiful views, making it an ideal spot to relax and enjoy a delicious meal. Whether you're a golfer looking to unwind after a round or just in search of a peaceful place to dine, the golf course's restaurant promises a fun lunch with friends! 

The weekend continues with the Mother's Day Plant Exchange on Saturday. This unique event is perfect for gardening enthusiasts looking to diversify their gardens. It's a chance to share your love for plants with others, exchange tips with fellow gardeners, and perhaps even take home a new plant friend. Then, cap off the weekend by treating Mom to something special with the Mother's Day Dinner on Sunday. It's a fantastic way to show appreciation for the mothers and mother figures in our lives.

This weekend in Lidgerwood is shaping up to be a memorable one, filled with community spirit, fun activities, and plenty of opportunities to create lasting memories with friends and family.