Elizabeth Wettstein Helping Her Grandma, Deb Anderson Water Flowers
Genevieve Wettstein
Genevieve Wettstein Helping Grandma, Deb Anderson with Petunias

Petunias on Wiley

Despite the cooler temperatures and recent windy days, summer is right around the corner, and that means the infamous petunias that have adorned Lidgerwood’s Wiley Avenue will soon be back on full display.

For over nine years, Dale Krause, former mayor of Lidgerwood, has coordinated the beautiful petunias that grace Wiley Avenue, Lidgerwood's main street. What started as a 12-basket beautification project has now expanded to 20 baskets and planters. Coordinating this project is no small undertaking. Dale and his wife Connie, along with City Council Member Deb Anderson, select the plants from Prairie Blossoms and plant the hanging baskets in their garage. Deb then transports the baskets to her seed business's storage shed, where she takes care of them until they are ready to be hung.

In addition to the 20 baskets, Dale built eight large planters that adorn the sidewalks along Wiley Avenue. His tips for successful petunias include heavy fertilization at the beginning and watering once a day, or twice a day during the peak summer heat.

The well-cared-for flowers owe much to Nancy Boudreau, who was hired by the City of Lidgerwood to water them. Nancy can be seen in the early morning hours ensuring the flowers receive the necessary moisture to thrive, a role she will continue this year.

This year, Council Member Deb Anderson and her family have fully taken over the reins of the project and have already planted the baskets. These baskets are being well cared for at her seed business and will soon be placed along Wiley Avenue.

Funding for the beautification project comes from a generous contribution from the Lidgerwood American Legion, the PENNIES FOR PETUNIAS' donation boxes located at various businesses throughout Lidgerwood, and generous donors. If you would like to make a contribution to this project, donations can be dropped off at the City Offices.

It’s volunteers like Dale, Connie, Deb, and her family that bring the whole beautification project together, exemplifying the spirit of small-town living.